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I’m not a gardener — in fact, I’m a serial killer of plants, but my dark past has taught me that some plants can survive almost anything. Whether you’re an under-waterer, you live in a dark cave that rarely sees direct light, or you’re just not very good at growing things, there’s a plant out there that will forgive your shortcomings and thrive anyway.

Plants that Can Survive a Dry Spell If you’re an under-waterer, try water-retaining succulents, which are adapted to survive in dry climates. California-based blogger Laure Joliet provides a helpful list of her top ten succulents — she writes, “They’re easy to take care of, cheap, easily propagate, don’t need much water and come in tons of beautiful colors and textures.” Succulence Succulence : This San Francisco store specializes in “all manners of succulents, large and small, unplanted or planted, as well as some airplants and bromeliads.” There’s no webshop — you have to call or shop in person to buy.

Hard to Kill Herbs Easy-to-grow herbs include mint, basil, and sage. A few tips: plant mint in its own container (it grows like a weed), space basil and sage evenly and leave room between the roots. This post provides additional helpful info on caring for herbs. Herbs Gardener’s Supply Company : If you’re looking for something beyond your local plant store, this mail-order company has a catalog full of herb growing kits, pots, planters, and drying racks. They’ve also got starter kits for vegetable and flower gardens.

Plants That Can Thrive Almost Anywhere One of the easiest plants to care for, tillandsia (also known as an air plant) grows without soil. You can place it almost anywhere, and it only requires a spot indoors with indirect light and a weekly misting or soak in water once a week. Airplant2 Sprout Home : For a large selection of air plants and cool containers to display them, I like Sprout Home. They have locations in Brooklyn and Chicago, as well as a website where you can shop online. The store staff is knowledgeable and can match first-time gardeners with the right plants.

Plants That Can Survive the Dark Laure Joliet’s post on 5 Overlooked Plants that Can Survive the Dark is a must-bookmark for anyone with a low-light apartment. She recommends maidenhair ferns, begonias, mint, Swedish ivy, and a moss terrarium. 01terrarium Alapash Terrariums : Chicago-based Marco Chavarry creates tiny terrariums from succulents, moss, stones, and personal objects. While there are tons of Etsy shops and garden stores selling similar stuff, Marco’s feel unique in the sense that they’re like little shrines.

Easy to Care for Flowers Orchids have a reputation for being finicky, but I’m a notorious plant killer and I’ve always found them easier to care for than an average houseplant. They require indirect light and a little bit of water once or twice a week. If you’re still squeamish, try begonias (just don’t overwater) or a vase of cut branches like curly willow, which will last up to two months if kept in fresh water. Whiteflowerfarm White Flower Farm : A family-owned mail-order nursery located in northwestern Connecticut, they’ve been selling ornamental and edible plants since 1950. Their flower selection is huge, and their website is updated frequently with seasonal specialties.


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